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In 2016, Eco Link obtained the “Innovation and Technology Fund” from Hong Kong government, and has successfully developed KAF sterilizing nano-filter in 2019 .

  • Developed and designed independently in Hong Kong;
  • Apply advanced nanotechnology to reduce air pressure but maintain high filtration efficiency;
  • Effectively filtrate PM2.5 with low pressure drop;
  • Remove TVOC, odors, acetone and formaldehyde;
  • Kill bacteria.



  • The latest technology: the current PM2.5 laser scattering precision detection technology, sensitive response, accurate data measurement;
  • Real-time detection: automatically refresh the data to detect air quality;
  • Multi-purpose: real-time display of PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, formaldehyde, temperature and humidity data;
  • Color screen display: digital LCD display, simple and intuitive;
  • Tiny and convenient: easy to carry, easy to operate;
  • Quick response: fast data reading, stable performance;