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NanoFIL is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Hong Kong manufacturer providing OEM ODM customized Nano Air Filter for global industrial, commercial and household equipment.
We have developed a patented sterilizing nano filter media with advanced electro-spinning technology, which can achieve a high filtration efficiency with a low pressure drop and and has the ability to exterminate 99.9% of bacteria of a wide spectrum, 95.6% of virus, and adsorb VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), odour and formaldehyde.
This nanotechnology innovations achievement have a wide range of benefits; significantly improving indoor air quality, offering a safer, healthier and bacteria/viruses free environment for people, and providing a potential energy saving can therefore reduce the total cost of ownership(TCO).
More info about us can be found www.nanofil.com.hk .

We offer:

• Patented Hong Kong made sterilizing multi-functional nano filters
• Exterminate over 99.9% bacteria & 95.6% viruses
• Eliminate bad odor & harmful gases(Formaldehyde, VOCs, Sulphur dioxide etc.)
• Filter PM2.5 – PM0.3 particulate, dust, pollen, mould etc.
• Reduce the risk of infection during replacement
• Energy Saving

Are you interested in our air filters/air purifiers and would you like to be a distributor of the NanoFIL?  Please feel free to contact us by email info@nanofil.com.hk for more information.