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Nanofil Filtration Technology Limited believes that people has the right to breathe freely. We are passionate about and devoted to research and development of nano-technology in air filter industry. Year 2021 marks a major milestone of our development, we set up our own nano filter manufacturing and R&D facilities in Hong Kong to strengthen our production, quality management and R&D capabilities so that we can deliver the most innovative air filtration solutions and products to our customers. Our factory has equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, filter manufacturing machines, and sophisticated filter media testing instrument.

Our patent-pending nano filter has different filtration efficiencies to cope with the needs of actual environment and application.  It can exterminate bacteria and viruses that helps reduce the risk of pandemic.  It can also absorb odors, VOCs and formaldehyde. Most importantly, it has a lower pressure drop and thanks to application of nano-technology that gives a potential energy saving in the central air-conditioning system of commercial buildings.

Our team is comprised of professionals and specialists in air filtration and nano-technology with graduates of Master and PhD degree in relevant disciplines. We firmly believe that the filter or air purification industry is primarily technology-driven.  Employees are the most valuable asset of our company and they are the cornerstone of our continuous development and breakthrough in air filtration industry.


  • People can breathe freely


  • Caring our employees
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • External and internal partnering
  • Exceeding customers’ expectation


To remove airborne-contaminants from the air by developing and delivering air filtration technologies and products through:

  • Excellent team effort
  • Cultivating a continuous learning and innovative culture
  • Collaborating with our business partners
  • Striving to breakthrough technology barriers
  • Adopting smart manufacturing technologies
  • Upholding a high standard in quality and ethics