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【Pocket Filters: Nano POF series】Bag Filters | HVAC Air Conditioning | Air Filtration

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Nanofil Nano POF series Pocket Bag Filter

Pocket filters are the most common type of air filters in the market. Nanofil pocket filters are high-permeability medium filtration filters with longer service life than traditional glass-fiber air filter solutions, that may potentially save the annual electricity consumption used by the ventilation system. Large filter surfaces and conical pocket bags with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties especially suited for air intakes in heavily-trafficked urban environments that demand high dust loading capacity. Suitable for HVAC air conditioning applications such as commercial buildings, institutions and shopping arcades.

Hong Kong Made Nanofil Commercial Air Filtration Air Filter.
For Commercial Use.


Product Name
Nanofil Nano POF 01 Pocket Bag Filter
Product Number
POF series
Product Dimensions
Max. size: 592 x 592 x 600 mm (W x H x D)
Nanofiber, Electrostatic Cotton, Non-Woven Fabric, Activated Carbon Net
Commercial Usage 
Plastic Bag Pack



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