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NanoFIL – KAF Sterilizing Nano-Filter – Odor Removal + Clean Air (antiflu/remove odor/antibacteria) 15” x 96”

Retail Price

HK$ 412.00

1.Odor Removal:

KAF Sterilizing Nano-Filter (Odor Removal) not only able to effectively filter PM2.5, but also remove the 90% VOCs, Formaldehyde, Acetone and Benzene. Also, it can kill more than 99% bacteria.


2.Clean Air

KAF Sterilizing Nano-Filter (Clean Air) not only able to effectively filter PM2.5, pollen, allergens, but also kill more than 99% bacteria.

Product Size: 15″ x 96″  (38cm x 244cm) *2