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Nanofil Sterilizing Odor Removal Replacement Nano Air Filter for Nanofil Mini Air Purifier (NMA-12 or NMA-12UV)

Retail Price

HK$ 175.00

Key Points

1. Adopting NanoFIL nanofiber electrostatic spinning technology, verified by a third party, this filter can exterminate more than 99% of bacteria and effectively filter PM 2.5 (fine inhalable particles, with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers and smaller) particles, including pollen, smoke and other allergens.

2. The composite all-in-one filter consists of nanofiber, electrostatic fiber and activated carbon that has unique air purification ability to remove odors, formaldehyde and VOCs.

3. The nanofiber of the filter has high efficiency and low resistance, which can effectively prevent air pollutants while ensuring good airflow.

4. Nanofil Sterilizing Odor Removal Replacement Nano Air Filter is suitable for any Nanofil Mini Air Purifier (model: NMA-12 or NMA-12UV).

5. The first air purifier designed and engineered with “Nanofil Inside” filter , helps you breathe more freely.